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Who Am I?

A figurative image drawn by Chris Fornesa featuring a charcoal drawing of the artist's face as he grins with curved lines of all colors, black, and white drawn over the image as well as random gray shading in the background of the image.

Hello everyone, my name is Christopher Fornesa and I am currently a student at Houston Community College who will transfer to Cornell College in the Fall of 2016 where I will major in Studio Art and minor in Computer Science and Civic Engagement. I am and will continue to pursue art, advocacy, computer science, and their intersections.

In the future, I plan on going to law school or graduate school in either studio art or computer science.

Would you like to learn more about me? You can find my website here

Why I Made This Website

A painting featuring a colorful hallway with mostly bright yellow and dark violet hues pervading the image while accents of red, green, blue, and brown and a digital artpiece superimposed as a painting at the end of the hallway.

I created this website based on my original project which can be found at Using as my template, I reconfigured the entire website in order to fulfill responsive website design using media queries and a combination of the usage of ems, pixels, and percentages for the height and width of elements. I chose to implement a complementary yellow/violet color scheme. However, I chose to utilize violet as the dominant hue as, according to User-Centered Website Development: A Human-Computer Interaction Approach by Daniel McCracken and Rosalee Wolfe, "when using this color scheme, pick one of the hues to be the dominant one" and to "use colors based on the dominant hue to fill in the large areas of the page" while "the other hue serves as an accent." Using this advice, I utilized violet for the important headings while yellow as an accent I used as the background color for the buttons and footer at the bottom of the page.

As for the topic of intersectionalism, my personal connection is the fact that I am a gay, autistic, Pinoy (Filipino) male who lives with OCD, anxiety and depression. Intersectionalism hits close to home for me because I, personally, benefit from advances in social justice that make it easier for someoene, like myself, to live life in this society and I want others to have social equality as well.

I chose this topic because this philosophy can literally empower and change lives for the better. By educating the public about important social issues and how they affect people's day-to-day lives, this inserts more information into the public psyche and will hopefully change hearts and minds. That, in turn, will potentially change and, even, save lives!

Honestly, I have had the idea of developing my domain names,, and for a long time but wanted to wait until I knew programming languages or more advanced markup languages to create my vision for this website. However, I realized that to make this vision happen I must, first, know how to apply the basics.

I wanted to learn how to build websites, initially, because I have a swath of ideas for projects. I, then, realized that this interest has always been with me since middle school and that it's about time I finally apply myself towards the goal of becoming a successful webmaster. This website is one of the projects I have wanted to create and, obviously, I will continue to develop it as I delve further into my passion as both a webmaster and an advocate.

Images are provided courtesy of Christopher Fornesa

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6427 Moreland Lane

Rosenberg, TX 77469

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Mobile Number: +1 (832) 513-5219

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